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Creative Me- Projects, Showcases, Blogs, and More!

This page has practically nothing to do with music :) This is a space for me to share some of my other projects, which tend to focus on themes of creativity and organization. It's fun, messy, a little crass, and tongue-in-cheek so don't take anything too seriously.

My Mom's vintage Hutch Restoration Project 

When my Mom & Dad downsized their house in 2014 I was gifted with my Mom’s hutch. There isn’t a big family history with the piece, it was just always in our house growing up. At the time, my husband and I lived in a historic painted lady home and it fit perfectly with the lovely dark wood trim in the home, but when we moved to coastal Florida last year it became painfully obvious that this piece needed a makeover of the sea breeze variety.

Bullet Journaling & How I Use It to Stay Mostly Sane & Somewhat Organize 

Content coming soon, but here's the scoop. Trying to manage my twins' schedule, my husband's erratic workhours, my multiple adjunct positions AND my full-time DMA coursework put me into a time warp. I used the Ryder Carroll BuJo (Bullet Journal) method to take control of my life and my schedule and I want to share some of the things I learned, particularly as they apply to being a gigging musician.

My Love of Color 

This is literally nothing more than pictures of the mandalas I've colored. I don't really know how else to say it, but sometimes just putting color on paper is a therapy in itself! 

Keeping It Classy: Kelly's Fashion Rules to Live By- On or Off the Stage

I've got a lot of opinions and even more folx who don't agree with them. However, I have a few rules for dressing for the stage that might be helpful, as well as a few fashion rules to live by. Here's tip #1:...

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