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Thanks for taking a moment to visit the site. As an educator and performer, my professional interests lie in teaching and sharing with others through music. My personal musical interests lie at the intersection of social justice and small ensemble performance. I invite you to visit Facebook or YouTube and leave me a message, or send me one through my Contact page.

What's New?

Currently, I am working on a collaboration that examines the recent alarming increases of Youth Suicide through a chamber music experience. I'll be sharing that project here shortly. My doctoral research involves introducing the music of women composers to intermediate-level horn players and I'll also be sharing my research on that here as I work through it.

Doctoral Recital No. 2 

Join me on Thursday, Oct. 28 at 6pm as I perform my second DMA recital on at the University of IL at Urbana-Champaign. Works will include Ruth Gipps's "Concerto for Horn", E. Chabrier's "Larghetto,"  V. Buyanovsky's "Espana" for Solo Horn, and Maria Grenfell's "Prelude, Fugue, and Foxtrot" for Horn and Piano.  I couldn't be more exited about the program and look forward to sharing it this fall. 

New Arrangement of The Lord's Prayer for Quartet 

I recently arranged the Malotte's  "The Lord's Prayer" for quartet. I recorded it and you can watch a video of my performance here. Contact me if you'd like the arrangement. I am happy to share.

New-To-Me Repertoire: Maria Grenfell's Prelude, Fugue, and Foxtrot for Horn & Piano 

A bittersweet performance as this was my last recital as a member of the faculty at Northern IL University. I'll perform this piece again on October 28, 2021 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Effective Practice Habits, an Interview with Hoyer Artist Kelly Langenberg 

Hans Hoyer artist Kelly Langenberg joins us to share some of her tips on how to balance and maintain efficient practice habits in an "at-home" environment. LIVE webcast Q&A hosted by Warren Kus, High Brass Product Specialist for Buffet Crampon USA.

Turning Every Experience Into Training For Your Goal by Kelly Langenberg

Congratulations. you just earned a degree in music. You and thousands of other qualified graduates are eager to enter the workforce...

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